The garden

The tree lined road

The arboreal heritage of the villa extends far beyond its fence: along the evocative boulevard that from Pontremoli leads to the gate of the mansion we can observe five types of trees.

These are:

Prunus pissardi nigra

Lagestroemia Indica (Saint Bartholomew tree )

Sorbus Aucuparia

Cercis Siliquastrum (Giuda tree)

Cartegus Carrierei Lavallei (hawthorn)

(Rich awards are planned for people who can recognize them all!)


The garden of Villa Dosi

Now we are in the garden of Villa Dosi: right after the famous Lebanese cedars one can notice different type of trees and plants that bloom from April to September: the jasmine (Rincospermum jasminoides), the white liliac (Syringa vulgaris) and the wisteria climb on the north part of the first order of arches, and perfume our spring. First of all, on the upper floor there is a beautiful and very high magnolia (Magnolia Grandilora), two holm oaks (Quercus ilex) which are probably the same age of the house and in the end there is a giant tuia (Thuja plicata) All around there are plants of roses in all colors that with the tagete (Indian carnation) fill the flowerbed. Next, a beautiful red camellia, and another younger magnolia tree, let us know in advance the arrival of spring.